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Bowed Wall Repair

Unfortunately, basement walls bow and buckle not as rare as a Missouri homeowner would anticipate. If you see your basement wall start to bow it means there is an external pressure pushing it inside. There is a variety of reasons why it happens, but usually the main reason is water building up a pressure against your walls.

Many homeowners ask a question how much time it takes for a wall to collapse. Well, at PEP Waterproofing we understand it really depends on many different factors. Sometimes it takes months, sometimes years. What we know for sure you can’t leave the problem unattended hoping it will fix itself. Even more, our foundation repair experts recommend fixing a bowing wall before it actually starts to bow. There are some telling signs helping you to understand you need your foundation to be inspected better sooner than later. Please click a button below to learn about the signs.

Before Carbon Fiber Bowed Wall RepairHow Do We Repair Bowing Basement Walls

At PEP Waterproofing we strive to provide you with only the best solutions for repairing your basement walls bowing and buckling. However, it is important to understand there is no solution that works for all kinds of basement walls problems. First of all, choosing a foundation repair solution depends on the basement actual condition – whether the walls are just started bowing, and how long it has taken for the walls to get to the current state.

Our foundation inspectors analyze various factors, before we come with a strategy for your specific basement problem. Sometimes it isn’t sufficient to just repair your basement bowed walls, so we recommend to waterproof your basement, and do a proper yard drainage as well. To see what products and solutions we use to fix a bowed wall please click the buttons below.

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In the most cases bowing foundation walls can be repaired without an expensing and disruptive basement wall replacement. When you notice your basement walls start to bow even a bit don’t hesitate to contact foundation repair experts in your area. PEP Waterproofing offers no obligation free basement inspections. Please reach us at 573-635-2210 or fill our simple online form.