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Foundation Settlement Repair

Your house may be trying to tell you something… it has foundation problems. There are many warning signs that the foundation of your home is being affected by the changing soil conditions around your home. These changes may be subtle, but at PEP Waterproofing, we will help you identify them, identify their causes – and figure out the foundation repair solutions that will help you fix them.

There are various causes of foundation settlement. It’s well known that soils in Missouri are clay-rich so they are very hygroscopic which means they easily absorb water from any external source. On the other hand, due to the soils are composed of different substances not just clay they loose moisture not evenly. You can read more about the causes of foundation settling by clicking the button below.

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Foundation Settlement Failure Warning Signs

Usually there are small noticeable cosmetic problems that become more noticeable over time. Some of the most common cosmetic problems are pictured below.

Cracked Bricks and Mortar Joints – The exterior of your home is a great clue as to whether your foundation is sinking or settling. Look closely for the mortar in the bricks crumbling and separating. If you see separations or shifts, your foundation is most likely in need of repair.

Cracked and Bowing Basement Walls – Your basement walls are another good indicator of a failing foundation. As your basement walls are your foundation, any cracks, bows or leaks indicate that it is failing. This bowing is caused by pressure of soil or clay that is pushing on your foundation and can be corrected.

Chimney pulling away from the structure – Your chimney is often a separate structure from the rest of your home. If your chimney is separating from your foundation, it is probably because the foundation is settling while the chimney is not, or vice versa. There are many procedures that can bring your home and chimney back together again.

Windows & Doors Out of Square – If your windows and doors have gaps between them, it is again a sign to repair your foundations. They are pulling away from your home as your foundation shifts or settles. Another reason your doors may be out of square is because the concrete beneath them is sinking and requires simple mudjacking.

Sheetrock cracking – Your sheetrock will often crack as the foundation around it settles, causing it to pull apart. If you don’t have your foundation issues dealt with, no matter how many times you seal the drywall cracks, they will come back and get worse. We can help you solve the problem permanently and get your home back to normal.

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